Nitter qibbeh is a spiced clarified butter traditionally made with cow’s milk, but it can also be made with non-dairy butter or with oil. The process of clarification separates the fat from the milk solids and water. The result is a highly aromatic and flavourful cooking fat. It has a higher smoke point and longer shelf life than regular butter.

As it is difficult to get hold of the spices used for clarification, we have created our own blend which will help you make nitter qibbeh at home. Amaarech’s recipe uses premium ingredients, bringing out the distinctive qibbeh aromatics. Having a supply of nitter qibbeh in your fridge allows you to add flavour to your cooking in an easy and efficient manner. We usually add qibbeh at the end of the cooking process to round out the flavours. Why not infuse your favourite cooking oil or butter with our qibbeh blend?


Use 30 grams of our blend for 2.5 kg of butter (this will yield approximately 2 kg of nitter qibbeh).


Ingredients: koseret, korerima, holy basil, thyme, dried garlic, Ethiopian black cumin (nigella seeds), Ethiopian caraway seeds (ajowan), and fenugreek.   

Qibbeh Manteria | ቅቤ ማንጠሪያ

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