Shiro powder is used to make shiro wot, Ethiopia's national dish. This is the stew you will find on every dinner table in every Ethiopian household up and down the country. It is mild and has a lovely creamy texture. This Shiro blend is made with roasted Ethiopian chickpeas, yellow peas, fava beans, and a bouquet of fresh herbs and sun-dried spices. Limut shiro does not contain berbere. This allows the pulses to really come into their own, giving limut a subtle earthy flavour. Just like our other shiro variety, limut is easy to make and ready in a jiffy. There are two shiro recipes in the ebook and a quick shiro recipe here on the website. 


Ingredients: ground Ethiopian chickpeas, yellow peas, fava beans, garlic, ginger, holy basil, thyme, rosemary, berbere, fenugreek, ajowan, and various other spices.

Limut Shiro | ልሙጥ ሽሮ

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