Ethiopian Nitter Qibbeh - Ethiopian Spiced Butter!

If you have been following us on intstagram ethiopianfoodie and shopamaarech, you know that we recently launched five new absolute essential spice blends. One of which was our Qibbeh Manteria, a blend made from eight different spices and herbs all in ranging proportions and it is used to clarify and flavour butter or to make Ethiopian nitter qibbeh.

Nitter qibbeh is a spiced clarified butter traditionally made with cow’s milk, but you can also use non-dairy butter or oil. I have created a reel on instagram, showing you how to make it with our own Amaarech Qibbeh Manteria blend.

I used 30 grams of our blend for 2.5 kg of vegan butter for a mildly flavoured qibbeh. If you are after a more intense experience, I would suggest adding more of our blend. The 2.5 kg of butter yielded approximately 1.5 kg of qibbeh.

You can refrigerate or freeze the qibbeh 6 -12 month and the taste will get better (stronger) with time. Qibbeh can be added at the beginning or end of your cooking to enhance the flavours of any Ethiopian dish you make at home. I hope you can finally get to make and enjoy your own qibbeh at home!

Stay tuned and follow ethiopianfoodie and shopamaarech on instagram for the latest product updates. Thank you again for your continued support!