Are your spice blends organic?
Most of our products are organically grown, but they are not officially recognized as such. We find the ‘organic’ certification to be a complicated and expensive process for small farms to sign up to. Instead we work closely with trustworthy suppliers who follow best practice.

Where do your spices come from?

All our spices are directly sourced from Ethiopia and they are all hand-picked and hand-blended by Amaarech, my grandmother. Read more about Amarrech on our blog

How should I store my spice blends?

Store your spice blends in the freezer or in a dark and cool place such as a kitchen cabinet. You should transfer the spice blends to a jar or container and remove them from their original pouch. 

How long can I use my spice blends?

Please refer to packaging for best before date. 

What material do you use to package your spice blends?

All our spice blends are packed in re-sealable, zip-seal, compostable pouches. Please remove stickers before composting.  

Are your prices always the same?
Because the price of fresh produce fluctuates, we may have to change our prices occasionally. 

Where do you ship? 
We ship worldwide. Please read our Shipping & Returns Policy for details.  

Can I place a bulk order?
Yes you can. Please contact us on

Can I schedule a repeat order?
Yes you can. Please contact us on

My question isn't listed.
Please send us a message on and we will do our best to answer your query.