A fully plant-based and gluten free selection of Ethiopian recipes. If you are not familiar with Ethiopian food, it is full of distinct flavours and vibrant colours. We love to cook with greens, pulses, and legumes. The ebook covers the full range of Ethiopian dishes to help you create the perfect vegan beyaynetu (a mix of vegan dishes) served on a plate of injera. There is a glossary at the end for you to refer to. I have also included notes for each recipe, with suggestions for substitutions and other tips. 

Here are the recipes featured in this ebook: 


  • 100% teff injera - Sourdough flatbread 

  • Ye'Atikilt Wot - Cabbage, potatoes, and carrot stew

  • Ye'Metbesha miser - Red lentil stew

  • Firfir be'Gomen - Torn injera bits soaked in a tomato and kale sauce 

  • Awaze - Spicy pepper sauce

  • Ye'Tofu Tibs - Saucy rosemary tofu fry 

  • Ye'Qeysir Selata - Beets and fresh herb salad  

  • Ye'Mitad Shiro - Thick roasted chickpea flour stew

  • Shiro Tegabino - Roasted chickpea flour stew 

  • Timatim Selata - Fresh tomato and herbs salad

  • Da'ata - Spicy & tangy green chili dip 

  • Ye'Duba Wot - Oven roasted squash stew  

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