Selam! My name is Helen also known as ethiopianfoodie. I have been sharing my passion for Ethiopian food on instagram and recently through my first ebook—a fully plant-based and gluten-free selection of Ethiopian recipes. The ebook covers the full range of Ethiopian dishes to help you create the perfect vegan beyaynetu (a mix of vegan dishes) served on a plate of injera. Here I'll tell you a little bit more about my food journey. 


I left Ethiopia when I was thirteen years old. This is when my special relationship with Ethiopian food began. While I was at boarding school, food was the best way for me to stay connected to my culture. The  school fare was very bland but I didn't mind because I had a suitcase full of food in my room. At the weekend I would cook for myself and my Ethiopian friends. Often we were joined by students from all over the world who would come to claim a "gursha" or two. They might bring along one of their national dishes for us to try. It was a great way to experience other cultures. 

Since boarding school, I have lived in many different countries. Being away from home has only heightened my passion for Ethiopian food. Because I've always had access to high-quality dry ingredients—spices, flours, coffee, and so forth—I've always been able to satisfy my cravings. I know this is not the case for many people! Ethiopian spice blends are hard to come by, and the ones available in the supermarket often lack depth. By providing high-quality, hand-sourced, and traditionally blended spice blends directly to your home, I'm hoping to set you on your own Ethiopian food journey.  



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