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Shadow on Concrete Wall


ethiopianfoodie celebrates the flavours and ingredients of Ethiopian

and other African cuisines through plant-based cooking.

Shadow on Concrete Wall

A fully plant-based and naturally gluten-free selection of Ethiopian recipes. The ebook covers the full range of Ethiopian dishes to help you create the perfect vegan beyaynetu (a mix of vegan dishes) served on a plate of injera. There is a glossary at the end for you to refer to. The recipes featured are: 

100% teff injera - Sourdough flatbread 

Ye'Atikilt Wot - Cabbage, potatoes, and carrot stew

Ye'Metbesha miser - Red lentil stew

Firfir be'Gomen - Torn injera bits soaked in a tomato and kale sauce 

Awaze - Spicy pepper sauce

Ye'Tofu Tibs - Saucy rosemary tofu fry 

Ye'Qeysir Selata - Beets and fresh herb salad 

Ye'Mitad Shiro - Thick roasted chickpea flour stew

Shiro Tegabino - Roasted chickpea flour stew 

Timatim Selata - Fresh tomato and herbs salad

Da'ata - Spicy & tangy green chili dip 

Ye'Duba Wot - Oven roasted squash stew  

Amaarech - ethiopianfoodie

My grandmother's name is Amaarech, which means "she became beautiful" in Amharic. She has taught me everything I know about Ethiopian cooking. She is the matriarch of our family and the inspiration behind the spice line. For as long as I can remember, Amaarech has prepared the spices I use in my cooking. All the Ethiopian dishes I share on Instagram are flavoured with her amazing blends. 

I have always cooked Ethiopian food, no matter where I am in the world. I always manage with whatever local ingredients I find but the spices are irreplaceable. Amaarech knows this and therefore always makes sure I leave home with tonnes of spices in my suitcase. 

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