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ethiopianfoodie celebrates the flavours and ingredients of Ethiopian
cuisine through plant-based cooking


Shadow on Concrete Wall

A fully plant-based and naturally gluten-free selection of Ethiopian recipes. The ebook covers the full range of Ethiopian dishes to help you create the perfect vegan beyaynetu (a mix of vegan dishes) served on a plate of injera. There is a glossary at the end for you to refer to. The recipes featured are: 

100% teff injera - Sourdough flatbread 

Ye'Atikilt Wot - Cabbage, potatoes, and carrot stew

Ye'Metbesha miser - Red lentil stew

Firfir be'Gomen - Torn injera bits soaked in a tomato and kale sauce 

Awaze - Spicy pepper sauce

Ye'Tofu Tibs - Saucy rosemary tofu fry 

Ye'Qeysir Selata - Beets and fresh herb salad 

Ye'Mitad Shiro - Thick roasted chickpea flour stew

Shiro Tegabino - Roasted chickpea flour stew 

Timatim Selata - Fresh tomato and herbs salad

Da'ata - Spicy & tangy green chili dip 

Ye'Duba Wot - Oven roasted squash stew  


Limut Shiro 1 Amaarech Spice Blends.jpg

We're kicking off the year with a new shiro blend: Limut Shiro! Limut shiro flour does not contain berbere. It therefore has a light, off-white colour. It is however enriched with all the usual herbs and spices, including holy basil, rosemary, fenugreek, and ajowan.


Both our shiro blends are made with Ethiopian chickpeas, yellow peas, and fava beans, giving them a delicious creamy texture.

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